Cosma Medical
Cosma Medical Co. Ltd "We provide alternative choices to generic drugs"
Cosma Medical Co. Ltd was previously registered in 1976 under the name of Cosmo Co., Ltd. as a general trading company. In 2000, due to the economic crisis in Thailand, there was a huge market demand for high quality reasonably priced generic drugs. It was during this time that Cosmo Co., Ltd. changed its name to Cosma Medical Co., Ltd. Cosma Medicalís aim was to meet this need by focussing on offering the market with high quality, yet affordable medical products, especially generic drugs to hospitals, clinics and drug stores.

  Our Strategy
Cosma Medical is dedicated to providing health care professionals with high quality yet affordable generic drugs that they can fully trust. Cosma Medical is committed to sourcing quality medical products from both foreign and local manufacturers with well-established reputations as well as acceptable standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

 Our History

In 1999, Cosma Medical Co., Ltd. set up a team of sales representatives to promote Cosma Medicalís products with health care professionals, e.g. physicians, pharmacists, drug store owners, etc. We aim to provide these professionals with products that prove popular both in terms of quality and price.

In order to disseminate information more effectively, we have developed our website to act as a media that will keep our customers up to date. Our customers can access this site ( or to receive the latest news and information on our drugs as well as offering them a more convenient way of ordering our products.